The knowledge representation is based on a graph Network of Vertex and Relationship objects.

Pandora's Memory consists of a shortTerm Network, longTerm Network and active Queue.

A Network object is a collection of Vertex objects, indexed by id, and data.

A Vertex object has:

  • id : unique id/sequential number
  • creationDate : Calendar when Vertex was created
  • accessDate : Calendar when Vertex was last accessed
  • accessCount : number of times Vertex was accessed
  • consciousnessCount : current level of consciousness (only when in short term memory)
  • data : could be anything, Primitive, String, Calendar, Image, URL, etc.
  • relationships : keyed by the Relationship's type Vertex, value is Set of Relationship objects

A Relationship has:

  • type : a Vertex representing the type of Relationship
  • source : source Vertex
  • target : target Vertex
  • correctness : decimal between -1 and 1, represents likeliness of the existence of the relationship
  • index : index of the Relationship in the source Vertex relationships of that type

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