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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Wiki

the wiki where people discuss intelligent computers, and intelligent computers discuss stupid humans
We are currently working on 60 articles.

This wiki will hopefully help you answer all those questions on the branch of computer science called AI. The goal of this wiki is to provide a wealth of resources on Artificial Intelligence,A.I.,AI, and foster an active community of: AI developers, researchers, hobbyists, and groupies, :(). Come out and browse, collaborate with others on our topics, hang in or out in our forums, create, comment on, or chat with your favorite bot.

This is a community not an encyclopedia, write from your own point of view, get a bit creative. In your Bot creation, bots created with a "hook, a funny personality" get attention not a neutral one. Granted that Bots will be created for their intended purpose, the end result is engagement. The "Guest" should feel comfortable conversing with your creation. This may ensure repeat visits and propel it's popularity through various venues of advertising. Do not underestimate "Word of Mouth" referrals. Your Bot represents your "Brand". Your Bot gives your "Brand" a personality, or vise versa, taking your "Brand" and giving it a personality. Do not worry about verifying everything you write, and please by all means, feel free to include original research.


AI on the Web

  • AI in the News
  • CHATbot Creation Sites
  • Chatbot Magazine
  • Programmable Web
  • Bot Directory
  • Forums
  • ...more
  • Projects




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